COVID – Simple Tips to Make Sure Handwashing is Done Correctly

Home Care Beverly Hills, CA: COVID and Handwashing
Home Care Beverly Hills, CA: COVID and Handwashing

Two things are most important during the coronavirus pandemic. First, your parents need to isolate themselves. They need to stay at least six feet away from others. They really shouldn’t go to stores and pharmacies right now. Someone should make these trips for them or home delivery should be arranged. 

Second, your parents need to wash their hands regularly. Proper handwashing takes time and requires soap and water. While most people believe washing hands in warm or hot water is best, the CDC is uncertain and says hot water may cause drier skin and more irritation. 

Steps to Properly Wash Your Hands 

Before washing your hands, you should have a clean sink. Turn on the water, wet the hands, and turn off the water. Scrub hands thoroughly with soap. The surfactants in soap life germs and dirt, so you have to use soap. Scrub under the nails and between fingers for a minimum of 20 seconds.  

Rinse your hands thoroughly after scrubbing them for 20 seconds. A good rule of thumb is to sing the Birthday Song twice or count to 20 in a slow, steady manner. 

If you use the same hand towel, bacteria may grow in the damp towel. Instead, let your hands air dry or use a new towel each time. A paper towel is better than reusing the same towel, but it does add more paper towels to your trash. Let them air dry. 

When you’re done, consider spraying the surfaces with a bleach solution or disinfectant to keep the sink disinfected. It’s extra work, but it will keep the surfaces like faucet handles clean and germ-free. If you need to make a bleach solution, the CDC’s recommended ratio is 1/3 cup bleach to a gallon of cool water. 

You may have concerns over bringing a stranger into your parents’ life right now. You do need to know that home care aides are trained and equipped to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Your parents could be at more risk of getting the virus from a visit by you, your children, or their friends. That’s why government agencies are asking people to self-isolate for now. 

Home care aides can pick up the groceries your parents need. They can get prescription refills. They can sterilize your mom and dad’s home, make sure your parents have meals and snacks, and call a doctor if they suspect your parents have the virus. Call a home care agency to discuss these and other ways caregivers help out during self-distancing measures. 

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Eric Hottenroth