Five Benefits That Families Gain When Eating Together on No One Eats Alone Day

Elder Care Beverly Hills, CA: Eating Together on No One Eats Alone Day 

The goal of No One Eats Alone Day is designed for students. It’s meant to get students to make sure everyone has a place where they feel welcome to sit and enjoy lunch. It should apply to every family. Practice it at home and ensure your parents are social and don’t have to be alone for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

It may come as a surprise, but studies find that eating together is better for your mental and physical health. Here are five of the benefits you and your parents gain when you join them for a meal. 

They Have the Opportunity to Be Listened To 

Everyone needs to de-stress from time to time. If your parents don’t have regular visitors, that stress builds up. No one is around for them to vent to or use as a sounding board. That can build stress and trigger anxiety over time. Eating together lowers that anxiety. 

It Lowers the Risk of Depression 

Depression happens for several reasons. Isolation can be one of them. If your parents are isolated and lonely, they have a higher risk of depression. With regular social events, it lowers that risk. 

They’re More Likely to Eat Well 

Eating alone is problematic in that many people would rather get takeout or a frozen dinner. Why cook a full meal when it’s just you? If you eat as a family, your parents are more likely to eat a healthy meal. 

Your Teens Do Better in School 

Surprisingly, family dinners also help your kids. When a child eats a full meal and has the chance to talk to parents, aunts/uncles, cousins, and grandparents, they do better in school, have higher self-esteem, and improve their mental health. 

Everyone Takes Longer to Eat 

A rushed meal is more likely to lead to overeating and obesity. When you dine as a family, you’re talking between bites. The meal is slower and more relaxed. It’s less likely that your parents will overeat or eat so quickly that they make themselves feel ill. A slower, relaxed meal is also less likely to cause heartburn and indigestion. 

You might live too far away to eat with your parents. They don’t have to eat alone. Elder care services can help. A caregiver comes to their home and cooks with or for them and sits down to join them for the meal. They have companionship, socialization, and a healthy meal. Talk to an elder care representative to talk about meal services. 

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Eric Hottenroth