Four Benefits Your Senior Can Get from Moving More

Senior Care Palos Verdes, CA: Four Benefits Your Senior Can Get from Moving More 

Whether your senior has considered exercise or not, some of these benefits might convince her that it’s worth giving the whole idea a shot. Exercise can be an important part of keeping your senior healthier and better able to face the challenges that aging brings her way. Even if just one of these benefits intrigues her, that’s all you need. 

Balance, Strength, and Mobility All Improve 

When your elderly family member moves more, she’s improving her muscle tone, gaining strength, and relearning how to move well and with balance. All of this is what she needs in order to keep moving well, especially if she’s had trouble with that in the recent past. As she becomes even stronger, she may see even better improvements in all of those areas. 

She Gets More Blood to Her Brain 

Brain health is a big deal to almost every aging adult. When your senior exercises more, that gets her blood pumping. Her whole-body benefits, of course, but her brain gets a huge boost from the increased blood flow. That increased blood flow brings with it more oxygen and other nutrients that her brain needs.  

She Just Might Get to Sleep Faster 

As your senior is moving more, she may find that it’s easier for her to fall asleep and even stay asleep. She might also be surprised to find that the quality of her sleep improves. This happens because she’s working her muscles and burning off excess energy that she doesn’t need. Exercise may not solve all sleep problems, but it doesn’t hurt. 

Her Self-esteem and Moods Improve  

When your senior moves her body more, her brain gets the message to release happy chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals responsible for the infamous runner’s high that people rave about. While your senior might not get that happy, she may find that her moods improve overall and that she just generally feels better. She may also start to feel better about herself. She can start to feel stronger and that just naturally feeds into improving her self-esteem. 

Until your senior starts moving, she may not know exactly what benefits she’ll get. If she’s concerned that she has too much to do to start exercising now, it might be a good idea to outsource some of those tasks for her. Senior care providers can take those over, leaving your senior with the time and energy she needs to take up moving more. 

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