Eight Ways Senior Care Services Assist an Adult With Heart Disease

Senior Care Simi Valley, CA: Heart Disease and Senior Care
Senior Care Simi Valley, CA: Heart Disease and Senior Care

Per the American Heart Association, 121.5 million people had cardiovascular disease by 2016. Risk factors are higher for those who smoke, have high blood pressure, are overweight, or have diabetes. If your mom or dad is diagnosed with heart disease, it’s not uncommon. The good news is that medications and medical treatments do help with management. 

While you may be shocked by the diagnosis, it’s important to know that with proper support, your parent can thrive. Senior care services are one of the best ways to make sure your mom or dad is supported at home. These eight services are worth a closer look. 

Appointment Scheduling 

Keeping up with appointments becomes a priority. Your mom or dad needs to attend all doctor’s appointments. If a test is recommended, it’s important that that test gets scheduled. Follow-up care, yearly exams, and therapy sessions all need to be scheduled and kept. 


Depending on the diagnosis, your mom or dad may be given an exercise routine to follow each day. If that happens, it’s important that that plan is completed properly. Caregivers can cheer on your mom or dad and be there to help if there are exercises that are hard to do alone. 

Grocery Shopping and Menu Planning 

Heart disease may require a new diet. Fiber and fresh fruits and vegetables are essential. Caregivers can  help plan menus that your parents will enjoy and take them shopping. Once the shopping is over, caregivers can also carry in the groceries and put them away. 


Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dishes, and all other light housekeeping chores may be harder to complete when heart disease is present. With senior care services like housekeeping, your mom or dad doesn’t have to struggle. Help is there or the caregiver can complete those tasks independently. 

Meal Preparation 

If your mom or dad doesn’t like to cook or has a hard time working in the kitchen, a caregiver can handle meal preparation. If arthritis pain keeps your parent from being able to chop and slice, the caregiver can help with that aspect of meal preparation and let your parent help from there.  

Medication Assistance 

Your mom or dad is going to be taking medications. To make sure a dose is never skipped or accidentally increased, caregivers can help with medication reminders. If refills are needed, caregivers can order them and pick them up, too. 

Personal Care  

When showering, grooming, and personal care prove difficult, a caregiver can help by being there for support. They can help with oral care, hair care, dressing, and bathing. 


Once your parent no longer drives, caregivers can take over. They can drive your mom or dad to appointments, stores, or other area homes and offices. 

Hearing that a parent has heart disease is frightening. It doesn’t have to be something you shoulder on your own. Senior care services ensure your parent has support when you’re not there. Call a senior care agency to discuss these services and their cost. 

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