Hospice Services in Santa Monica, Los Angeles

What is Hospice?

Life-limiting illnesses are difficult to come to terms with. Families often feel as if options are limited and the hope of maintaining a high quality of life diminishes. Hospice care in Santa Monica provides families with the opportunity to focus on comfort, spending time together, and maintaining a better quality of life for as long as possible. This family-centered and holistic approach addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, providing support and empowering clients to maintain dignity during a challenging period in life.

Hospice’s physical care centers around effectively managing pain and keeping the client comfortable by better managing symptoms. Enjoying every moment is easier when patients are comfortable and free from pain that limits their abilities and level of independence. Around the Clock Home Services’ hospice team includes our medical director, licensed nurses, therapists, and medical social workers who collaborate with the patient’s physician to develop an effective treatment plan that helps to keep clients comfortable and safe at home.

As a patient moves through the stages of their illness, most experience a wide range of emotions. Feelings can range from anger to fear, sadness to regret, and anxiety to depression. Hospice’s highly trained professionals are there to listen, empathize, and help you explore and understand your personal options. Feelings seem less confusing and overwhelming for the patient and family members when a safe outlet to express emotions remains available. That is what hospice offers – compassionate care that helps you understand you are not alone.

Patients with terminal illnesses often question the meaning of life and whether their life has mattered. Questions about what comes next are also common, as are doubt, uncertainty, and the need for comfort. Hospice care’s non-denominational spiritual advisors help patients explore these questions and sometimes even find their own path toward faith, acceptance, and self-worth.

Who Benefits from Hospice Services?

Hospice care in Santa Monica is often the right choice for individuals with a life expectancy of six months or less. Patients who want to remain in familiar surroundings and are no longer interested in pursuing curative treatments that may have proven ineffective typically find value in hospice care. Around the Clock Home Services in Santa Monica requires certification from a physician to admit a client into this program. Clients are advised to discuss this and other options with their primary doctor before making their choice.

Hospice FAQs

If you don’t see your question, please give us a call at (310) 940-0191.

Will my doctor choose my hospice provider?

No, the patient and the family make the choice about which provider to use for hospice care. Many patients do consult with their primary care physician when making this decision. Most doctors will recommend choosing an accredited provider like Around the Clock Home Services in Santa Monica. Medicare and many other programs specifically state that the patient is “free to choose any qualified agency offering him/her services.”

My mother has just made the decision to enter hospice care, but she is not homebound. Will this disqualify her?

A hospice patient does not have to be homebound to receive services. We encourage your mother to continue doing the things she loves – visiting with friends, attending church services, spending time outdoors, running errands, and enjoying her life to the fullest – for as long as she wishes to and is safely and comfortably able to. If your mother is spending some time away from home, we will coordinate care around her schedule, and our social workers can even help to connect you with community resources to accompany her or provide transportation.

Are hospice care agencies evaluated for safety and care standards?

Yes, hospice programs must meet state licensure requirements. They must also meet federal standards to be approved for reimbursement through Medicare. Periodic inspections are a part of how home care agencies qualify to deliver hospice care. Around the Clock Home Services is also nationally accredited by the Joint Commission. For many of our clients, this is a deciding factor in choosing us to provide a loved one with hospice care.