Transitional Care Services


When a loved one is discharged from a hospital or facility, their recovery isn’t necessarily complete once they return home—it’s often just beginning. Adjusting to daily routines can be stressful and increases the risk of avoidable readmission. Around the Clock Home Services supports a smoother transition with our Home Recovery Assistance™ program—a personalized approach to care management focused on patient goals and creating a safe environment for recuperation.

It all starts with a plan

Our customized in-home assessments evaluate your loved one’s needs for a successful recovery and develop a care plan tailored to their condition and goals. We provide appropriate assistance through personal care services to support ongoing success.

Strengthening Care Networks

We collaborate with doctors, nurses, and care managers to streamline care and enhance efficiency, ensuring your loved one receives comprehensive support.

Accessible Transportation

Regular doctor visits and follow-up appointments are crucial for recovery. We provide transportation for appointments, store visits, or social outings to support their health journey.

Medication Management and Prescription Pickup

Proper medication use is vital for recovery. We offer medication pickup services and ensure your loved one takes medications as prescribed, minimizing risks and promoting healing.

Nutrition Support, Grocery Shopping, and Meal Preparation

Nutritious meals are essential for health, especially with specific dietary needs like diabetes or heart conditions. We prepare meals that meet these requirements, ensuring compliance with post-discharge nutrition orders.