The Truth About Common Elder Care Myths

Elder Care Pasadena, CA: Elder Care Myths
Elder Care Pasadena, CA: Elder Care Myths

If you are looking for ways to ensure your older family member receives the help they need to remain at home, you may have heard of elder care. Elder care is a service that sends professional caregivers to a senior’s home to assist them with the things they need to live comfortably and safely at home. Unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with elder care and have fallen for some common myths about what elder care is and what professional caregivers can do. Below are some common myths about elder care and the truths behind them. 

Myth: Only people who are very ill can use elder care. 

Truth: Elder care is for any older adult who needs some assistance at home, from the very ill to those who just need a helping hand. Even if your aging relative simply needs someone to cook meals for them or drive them to run errands, elder care may be the right solution. An elder care provider can help with any of the senior’s non-medical needs, including dressing, eating, bathing, cleaning, and much more. 

Myth: Having an unknown caregiver come to the home can be risky. 

Truth: When you use an elder care agency to arrange care for your older family member, you can be assured that each staff member has been carefully vetted. Elder care agencies perform background checks on all of their providers, ensuring there is no need to worry about the person who comes to your loved one’s home. In addition, the agency carefully screens each provider for their qualifications. And, the provider has the expertise of others at the agency to rely on should a question arise. 

Myth: Having elder care is like having an adult babysitter. 

Truth: Elder care providers aren’t like the disapproving babysitters you might remember from your youth. In fact, many older adults develop caring relationships with their providers, considering them close friends. They enjoy spending time with the elder care provider because of the provider’s cheerful nature and willingness to help. 

Myth: Elder Care isn’t available overnight or on holidays. 

Truth: Elder care agencies offer care 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. While it’s true that this means your aging relative may not have the same elder care provider every single day since they will occasionally need time off, you can be certain that there will always be an elder care provider available for your aging relative’s scheduled times and each and every one of them will be trained and qualified to provide the best care possible. 

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