Three Ways to Goof Off on National Goof Off Day

Caregiver Glendale, CA: National Goof Off Day
Caregiver Glendale, CA: National Goof Off Day

Every day, family carers spend hours helping their parents, cooking meals, cleaning up after the meal, dusting, sweeping, etc. Care is often scheduled in advance so that everything gets done during the week. Family members don’t always think about the importance of a day off. 

March 22nd is National Goof Off Day. Instead of keeping up your usual routine, why not just say “Not today!” Take the day off. Gather your parents for a day of fun and goofing off. Here are three ways you can spend National Goof Off Day. 

Tour a Museum 

Go to a museum and explore the displays. Some museums have guided tours, while others are for you to explore at your pace. If money is a concern, see if there is a senior discount. Many museums do have discounts for older adults. You could also ask if your local library has museum passes you can sign out for the day. Many local libraries do have discounted or free museum passes available. 

Go to the Movies 

There are movies for every interest coming out or already released for March. For the Pixar fan, there’s the animated adventure movie Onward coming out on March 6th. The remake of The Call of the Wild starring Harrison Ford came out on February 21st, which will appeal to fans of the classic novel. 

If your mom or dad like spooky movies, the psychological thriller The Invisible Man came out on February 28th. Crime drama and action fans may like Clive Owen’s new movie The Informer, which comes out on March 13th. 

The releases for March 20th include the sequel to A Quiet Place and a true story based on the life of a Christian music star called I Still Believe. These are all in addition to movies that were previously released and are still found in theaters. 

Take a Road Trip 

You don’t have to pay money to goof off. You could get in the car, fill up the tank, and go on a road trip. Pick places you know your mom or dad love like a lakeshore or ocean drive, a trip up the mountain, or back to your parent’s childhood home. 

When you’re not with your parents, they don’t have to struggle with daily activities. Talk to them about the benefits of caregivers. They can have someone come to their home and help them remain independent by having help with cleaning, laundry, meals, and more. Call a home care agency to arrange caregivers today. 

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